Software Application Engineer ($80K annually) Fort Collins, CO

Software Application Engineer 

We are excited to be partnered with an impressive international organization that is a family business with more than 130 years of experience and around 400 employees worldwide. If you are looking for a great opportunity as an Android Software Engineer you have come to the right place!

Position Summary

  • A Software Application Engineer s expected to design, develop and maintain software for mobile and desktop applications. The engineer must also document his/her work to make it accessible to other engineers.

Expected Job Functions

  • Work directly with engineers to perform requirements analysis and develop the best possible solution
  • Research, design, develop and document working software prototypes
  • Transform prototypes into production level solutions
  • Quickly adapt to changing system requirements and ensure consistent quality across all levels of development
  • Debug his/her own source and others


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or another related equivalent field
  • Must fully understand and grasp the capabilities of any 2 high-level Object-Oriented Programming languages (C#/AS3/JAVA/Objective-C/Visual Basic/Etc.)
  • Fully understand classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and encapsulation
  • Understand Markup (XML/HTML/Etc.)
  • Be willing and ready to learn a new development environment/language
  • Exceptional debugging skills
  • 1-3 years related work experience.
  • Self-Motivated
  • Familiar with at least one version control system (SVN, GIT, TFS)
  • Strong written/verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • UI frameworks (Android Studio, Swift, Adobe, Unity)

Desired Experience and Skills

  • Experience with documentation of design and implementation
  • Be able to utilize system level resources (BLE, WiFi, Camera, Etc.)
  • Cross platform development