3 Tips To Optimize Your Large Scale Recruitment Plan

Every once in a while, for a variety of reasons, companies may find themselves in a situation where they need to recruit and hire a large number of employees at one time. Despite the anxiety and possible learning curve, finding yourself in this situation where you need to plan for recruiting a large number of potential employees is actually good news. It means your business is rapidly growing, and that’s great! 

However, don’t let the scale of your recruitment plan overwhelm you so much that you lose sight of that good news. To help, here are 3 tried and true tips to help you make your large-scale recruitment plan streamlined and manageable. 

Tip #1: Be Clear on Who You are Looking For

If you’re growing quickly, chances are you are looking for people to fill roles that may not have existed before. It only makes sense that to find your ideal candidate, you need to decide down to the smallest detail what your ideal candidate would be and what they would bring to your company. 

When thinking of your ideal candidate, make sure you are clear on the kind of people and skills you are looking for by creating detailed job descriptions. In this job description, be sure to include:

  1. Role of position in the company
  2. Work environment
  3. Duties and responsibilities
  4. Education/certifications required
  5. Experience 
  6. Skills needed

Being crystal clear on what you’re looking for will make finding it much easier.

Tip #2: Develop a Fast Screening Process

Not every applicant is going to get an interview, but how do you make sure you are getting the perfect candidate for the job?

A fast screening process helps you save time and money. The more efficient the process is to sift through the applicants for the perfect match, the quicker they can go from interview to orientation.

Screening applicants before interviewing will also help ensure money is saved through the hours it takes to interview candidates that aren’t right for the role you are filling. The last thing anyone on the hiring committee wants to feel is that their time is being wasted. It’s also the last thing a candidate wants to feel, too.

Using technology is one of the most popular ways to weed through potential employee applications and resumes. Artificial Intelligence can help scan applications for keywords that show you experience, skills, and aptitude. The program you use can then rank the candidates based on the criteria you were looking for. That saves you time to focus on what’s most important: getting to know the candidate. 

Tip #3: Cast a Large Net

When looking for a large pool of candidates, you will need to make sure news of your job openings reaches a large audience. Some strategies to reach a large pool of candidates include:

  1. Hosting/attending a hiring event. Attract potential candidates by giving them an opportunity to meet leadership face to face.
  2. Leveraging social media. There are billions of people online. Time to meet them where they hang out! Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to create a profile and content that will attract your ideal candidate. 
  3. Working with a marketing agency to create an ad campaign. If you don’t have a full-time marketing staff, hiring one is a great investment in your company. They can help you find exactly who you’re looking for and help you cast that net.
  4. Use the services of a recruiting agency. A recruiting agency, like Epic Placements, will take the time to screen candidates for you and supply you with vetted potential employees that are right for the job 

Are you ready to grow your candidate pool? Epic Placements is ready to help you find the right people in any quantity you may need. Contact our team today to discuss how many great employees we can help you find.