How Epic Placements Uses the Most Relevant Employee Screening Process

As a human resources manager, you constantly juggle responsibilities, including ensuring everyone gets paid, administering benefits, tracking time off, and enforcing company policies. And – of course – your primary role:  recruiting and hiring. 

Hiring is an incredibly time-consuming process. And although human resources staff and company leadership will make the ultimate decision, it isn’t cost-effective or a good use of your time to spend weeks reviewing dozens (or hundreds!) of resumes. 

The stakes are high. A bad hire can decrease productivity and cost your company up to $240,000, depending on the role and the company, according to 2021 research from the Department of Labor.  

Employee screening allows you to gather information to find the best match for your team. Here are some employee screening methods to consider:  

Written Tests 

Written tests help reveal traits, strengths, and weaknesses that may not be obvious from a resume or interview. 

  • Cognitive ability – Cognitive tests help you eliminate candidates who won’t perform well in a specific job. Research shows that cognitive abilities are a good predictor of job performance because they measure a candidate’s ability to acquire and use information effectively. Keep in mind that different positions require different levels of cognitive ability. 
  • Personality tests – Personality tests can tell you if a candidate fits your company’s culture and demonstrate attributes such as problem-solving and leadership skills. 
  • Situational judgment – Situational judgment tests present hypothetical scenarios and ask the candidate to choose from a range of responses. These assessments can be customized to suit a specific role.  
  • Accounting skills – Tests that assess accounting skills are helpful when selecting people for financial roles that require attention to detail and technical skills such as revenue recognition and cost-benefit. 
  • Computer programming knowledge – Programming skills tests, along with cognitive ability tests, are an excellent way to evaluate people for developer or software engineer roles. Because these employees typically enjoy a large amount of autonomy, you want to be confident they will complete tasks accurately and efficiently. 

Resume Checks 

You’ve probably heard the saying made famous by Ronald Reagan: “Trust, but verify.” This is especially true when it comes to resumes. In addition to filtering for keywords relevant to the position’s criteria, verify job history. Obvious mistakes on a CV or application tell you if a candidate doesn’t meet your standards. 

Criminal Background Checks

You have a responsibility to keep your existing employees safe. Therefore, you don’t want to hire someone with a criminal history of violence or sexual assault that may endanger your team or increase your company’s vulnerability to fraud or theft. Lastly, criminal background checks can reduce the chances that your company gets fined for negligent hiring. You’ll be confident you did your best to avoid hiring anyone who may be a threat. 

Drug Tests

Employees who abuse drugs are often unreliable and cause more accidents, posing a serious threat to your employees and workplace safety. They are also more likely to leave their positions or be fired after a shorter time, costing you money and time. 

Employment Screening with Epic Placements 

At Epic Placements, we dedicate as much time and as many resources as you need to streamline your hiring process. Our process eliminates prospective candidates who don’t meet your basic requirements before your team wastes time reviewing their applications.

We start by meeting with you to identify your needs so we can personalize your recruitment efforts. During this meeting, you’ll tell us about the skills you deem prerequisite for the role and those you expect candidates to know from previous training. This is also a chance to tell us about intangibles, such as a personality type you envision for the role. 

Following our meeting, we’ll develop interview questions to expedite hiring. In many cases, interviewers ask the same questions regardless of the position. Our specific questions get to the heart of a candidate’s experiences to help you better understand their skills and past job responsibilities beyond their resume. 

Epic Placements Can Help! 

Our efficient, seamless employment screening process simplifies hiring and increases your chances of finding the ideal person for the job. Our team members are effective, adaptable, and great listeners! You can count on us to find amazing people to work for your company. Contact us to learn more.