How To Overcome Common Challenges of Recruitment and Selection

Finding quality candidates in the hiring process is often challenging for businesses and their human resources departments. You need the best candidates to fill your vacant positions because the employees you hire can make or break your company. 

Hiring the wrong candidate can negatively impact your team’s productivity, and if you need to fire an employee or they quit, that affects your company’s bottom line and wastes valuable time and resources. In this blog, we discuss common HR challenges in recruitment and selection and how to overcome those challenges.

Attracting Qualified Candidates

Numerous people all over the country are looking for new careers and job opportunities. A record-breaking number of employees exited their jobs in the United States in 2021. Unfortunately, there’s also a significant skill set labor shortage, meaning there are fewer qualified candidates in professional industries.

The hiring market is more competitive than ever before, so you need to make an effort to attract qualified candidates. You can do this by investing more time and resources into your job listings. Consider hiring a copywriter who can articulate what makes your company special as well as your unique benefits. Additionally, be sure to list all necessary qualifications, education, and certifications on your job listings so that you dissuade most unqualified candidates from applying.

In addition to improving the quality of your job listings, you should also do your due diligence in posting your listings on a variety of different websites.

An alternative method of finding great candidates is by asking for internal referrals. Your existing employees may already be aware of suitable candidates perfect for your vacant positions. According to CareerBuilder, 82% of employers found that internal referrals had the best return on investment compared to all other hiring sources. 

Proving That Your Company is the Right Fit

Believe it or not, the interview process is not one-sided. Not only are you interviewing the candidate, but the candidate is also interviewing your company. This is more so the case now than ever before because of the skill set labor shortage. Those who are qualified to fill your vacant positions may receive other competitive job offers, so you need to show them that your company is right for them. 

In the interview process, make sure to convey your company’s values and talk about the benefits of the position, whether that means a competitive salary, employee benefits, flexibility, or strong company culture.

Avoiding Turnovers

Recruiting is about more than just finding the right candidate — you also need to ensure the candidate you hire stays with the company. Employee turnover is incredibly expensive and can also create a snowball effect in which additional employees exit. This occurs because vacant positions often put more pressure on current employees. They may need to work harder to complete the tasks of the vacant position which decreases employee satisfaction and leads to more turnovers. To combat this problem, you need to decrease your likelihood of turnovers.

Businesses often struggle with high turnover rates when they fail to support new hires. A new employee may not feel welcomed or they may feel insecure about their work performance because of a lack of feedback or guidance. Your business can decrease its turnovers by investing more effort into the onboarding process. You can make new hires feel welcomed, and you can offer support and guidance.

Additionally, some of your new hires may leave because they didn’t anticipate what the job would actually be like. You or your hiring team may not have sufficiently described your company or the position. You can reduce employee turnovers by making an effort to convey the position’s expectations and onboard new hires properly.

Streamlining the Hiring Process 

If your hiring process takes a great deal of time, you could lose qualified candidates to other opportunities, especially given the current job market. Your HR team needs to make the recruitment process as efficient as possible to avoid losing candidates to your competitors. You can increase your hiring efficiency by staying organized throughout the entire process. Additionally, your team needs to enhance its ability to communicate and collaborate so that you can select and hire the best candidates as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Consider investing in technology to help you and your team stay organized and keep track of candidates, such as a CRM application or an applicant tracking system.

Consider Outsourcing Recruitment and Selection

You can address many HR challenges in recruitment and selection by outsourcing the task entirely to a seasoned headhunter or a staffing agency. With recruiting and selection experts, you can rest easy that they’ll find and evaluate the best candidates possible, and they’ll be able to do it quickly. 

Outsourcing also improves your company’s recruiting efficiency, so you can hire more employees and onboard them in less time. This is critical for attracting the best candidates, and it’s also essential for growing your team and your business. As your business grows, you’ll need more qualified employees to meet client and customer needs, so streamlining the process by outsourcing to a headhunter or staffing agency can optimize your business’s scalability. 

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