What Is a Recruiting Assessment and What Does It Evaluate?

When looking at a company’s success, it’s easy to overlook the real reason for that success: the employees who work daily as a team to help the company grow.

That’s why the recruitment of these employees – simply finding the candidate who’s right to fill the vacancy in your company – is often considered to be one of the most important factors when it comes to making a company successful.

If you’re still struggling with finding the key to your own company’s success, it would benefit you to begin using a recruitment assessment tool to help find the right candidate every time. A recruitment assessment can help you figure out how to maximize your potential as a company by maximizing this all-important step in the hiring process.

What Is a Recruiting Assessment?

Recruiting assessment tools are web-based tools that can help a company find the right person who is going to be the best fit for the job from among a pool of candidates.

Recruitment assessment tools measure things such as a candidate’s skills, aptitude when it comes to specific positions, personality, and work behaviors that may be desirable or undesirable to a company. These tools help increase the quality of hires by matching what you’re looking for in an employee with what they are actually capable of. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Recruiting Assessment?

There are a lot of positives you’ll experience when you begin using a recruiting assessment for potential hires. These include:

  1. They Save You Time

Instead of your HR spending hours and hours reading cover letters and resumes, these tools provide instant information on whether the candidate is right for your vacancy.

  1. They Save You Money

According to Zippia, the average cost per hire is $4,700. Recruitment assessments lower your chances of spending that kind of money on someone who is not a good fit and will need to be replaced.

  1. They Remove Bias

Leaving your hiring decisions to recruiting assessments evens the playing field for all candidates. Unconscious bias can be rampant in the hiring process, so these tools reduce bias by keeping the conversation limited to work behaviors and skills. 

What Do Recruiting Assessments Evaluate?

Recruiting assessments can help evaluate a multitude of components that have been identified as being earmarks for success. While not an exhaustive list, they can include:

  1. Knowledge and Skills

These tools help test candidates in job-specific skills that they will need to be proficient in to succeed in their roles. These types of assessments may include a performance task using tools they will be using in the job such as Microsoft Office suite or other programs to assess how competent they are in the tools of the trade. 

  1. Aptitude

A person’s aptitude is simply a natural ability to do something. These include the soft skills that, while not able to be taught, are still necessary to be successful in a position. These types of assessments gauge anything from a candidate’s cognitive abilities, logic skills, or even attitude toward learning new things.

  1. Personality

You can find a candidate with the most education and a real talent for the hard skills needed in a position. However, all of this knowledge does not guarantee that they will be able to work with a team toward a common goal or that they will react appropriately in a typical workplace situation. Personality tests can help you find candidates who are the most suitable for the job-specific role they will play as well as someone who fits into the important company culture. 

Are you ready to dive into recruitment assessment tools to find more of a sure thing when it comes to hiring candidates?

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