How a Recruiting Agency Can Find You The Perfect Candidate

If you’ve ever worked in Human Resources, you know firsthand that recruiting new talent into your company is not only time-consuming, but it’s also an expensive process. On average, it can cost $4,425 to hire a new employee and can take an average of 36 to 42 days to fill any given position. 

A lot of that cost and time comes down to the strain that recruiting and hiring can put on your HR staff. If you’re looking to alleviate this issue, partnering with a recruiting agency is your secret weapon. A recruiting agency can help you find the ideal candidate for your company’s job openings without placing additional burden on your HR. 

A recruiting agency works with your HR, but their role will differ slightly from the other roles your HR takes on. A recruiting agency’s main function is to create a hiring process that’s smoother for both candidates and HR departments. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of working with a recruiting agency to find your perfect employee. 

What is a Recruiting Agency?

In simple terms, a recruiting agency is an organization that helps a company’s HR department manage the recruitment and hiring of qualified candidates. Recruitment coordinators help move the ideal candidate through the entire recruitment process creating a streamlined experience that will impress candidates and help take the pressure off of busy HR departments. 

Some job duties that recruitment coordinators may take on include:

  • Assisting in creating a profile of the ideal candidate for the company
  • Posting open positions to job boards or advertising them in areas where they will find ideal candidates
  • Reviewing candidate applications and resumes to schedule interviews

In short, they not only make the recruitment and hiring process more efficient, but they make the whole process quicker (and more cost-effective!) in the long run. 

Creating a Candidate Profile

A recruitment agency will want to start by creating a profile for the ideal candidate that your company is looking for. Using the company’s mission and vision, they can tailor make a profile that will attract just the person you’re looking for to fill a vacant position. 

This profile will also clearly define the hard and soft skills that a candidate will need to possess in order to be successful in the company. To curate this list of skills, recruitment coordinators will look at employees who are already excelling in their position in your company and create a profile that includes the attributes that contribute to their success. 

This profile can then be used to find the perfect candidate for the position during the active recruitment process. 

Posting Open Positions in the Best Places

Those who have been part of an HR team know that the best candidates for a job opening aren’t going to land in your lap. Instead, you have to actively go out and find them and attract them to your company. A recruitment coordinator is going to know exactly where to find them. 

As part of their hunt for your next employee, a recruitment coordinator will use a variety of techniques including:

  • Utilizing social media such as LinkedIn to assist in finding people who fit your created profile.
  • Optimizing social media posts and job board postings that reflect what potential candidates are searching for online when looking for a new job. 

Once the job is listed and the profile clearly defined, candidates are ready to submit resumes and applications for the next phase in the hiring process. 

Review Applications and Resumes to Schedule Interviews

While it may seem that once applications and resumes start rolling in that active recruitment is over, the job of a recruitment coordinator is not. One of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process is dealing with the paperwork and scouring all applications and resumes for people who may be exactly who you are looking for according to your created profile. A recruitment coordinator can help you find that needle in a haystack. 

Once the best candidates are lined up for interviews, a recruitment coordinator can also take on the task of scheduling those interviews for you. It may sometimes seem like the impossible dream to coordinate the schedules of the entire hiring committee, but a coordinator can help you juggle all of that to ensure you secure a timely interview with the best candidates. And why is timing so important? Getting the candidate in as soon as possible engages the right people with your company and allows you to hire them before another company gets the chance. 

Are you Ready to Free Up Your HR?

Finding the right person for the job isn’t an easy task. Enlisting the help of a recruitment agency can help free up your HR to focus more on the on-site work that also needs their attention. 

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