How Leveraging Flexible Staffing Strategies Can Improve Revenue

The job market over the past couple of years has been, in a word, interesting. 

Most employers can’t remember a time when it was so difficult to fill job vacancies in their companies. According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), while the number of job vacancies decreased by roughly 6%, the number still stands at 10.7 million job openings in the U.S. alone. 

If you own your own business or you’re a manager who deals with filling vacancies in your company, chances are you have felt this large number on a personal level. Many are struggling not just in finding the right candidate but with finding anyone in the pipeline to even consider. 

With the job market in the state it’s in, it’s time for companies to think outside the box when it comes to staffing. That’s where flexible staffing strategies are going to come into play to help your company find the labor to keep up with demand. 

What Is Flexible Staffing?

When most people think of staffing, they think of traditional staffing. This is when someone is hired permanently for a position they qualify for and they receive a salary and benefits package for the duration of their employment. 

Flexible staffing is much different, though. It involves hiring part-time employees, temporary employees, or independent contractors to keep your workforce full. 

When using flexible staffing options to fill vacancies, employers don’t have to follow the same rules and regulations that govern traditional staffing. In the long run, this deviation from traditional staffing options can often benefit the company in unexpected ways. 

How Flexible Staffing Strategies Can Improve Your Revenue

Flexible staffing strategies don’t just mean you can fully staff your company. There are a lot of ways you will find that flexible staffing can also improve your revenue. 

1. Immediate Cost Savings

Without having to pay for benefits and insurance for permanent employees, your company will see an immediate benefit to its budget. Laws that require certain benefits for permanent full-time employees don’t apply to those who only work part-time or seasonally. That means you can fill the vacancies, but you don’t have to break the bank. 

2. HR Savings

HR’s budget is big, and it absolutely needs to be. The cost of recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates is huge and often overlooked when thinking about a company’s expenses. Flexible staffing with the help of a staffing agency eliminates that expense entirely. Instead of footing the bill to recruit, screen, and interview, an agency can vet the candidates for you and make finding the best person for the job a shorter, easier, and more economical process for HR. 

3. Bigger Talent Pool

You might feel like a big fish in the hiring pool, but when you see that there are 10.7 million vacancies nationwide, you’re reminded that you’re not the only one looking for the perfect candidate. Too often, you can feel like you’re getting lost in the crowded marketplace. If you want to attract the best talent that will be the most productive on your team, outsourcing staffing is the best way to reach the most pre-vetted people at one time.
4. Flexibility with Busy Seasons 

Not all companies have the same amount of business coming in all the time. Industries such as landscaping, recreational parks, and tax preparation have times in the year when they can’t get enough help and other times when they just need a skeleton crew. A lot of companies find their need for employees ebbs and flows. Flexible staffing helps companies hire only who they need when they need them most. 

5. Reduced Burnout and Turnover

Overworked employees burn out quickly. And when burnout sets in, it’s difficult to have a satisfied and productive staff. Making sure you have adequate staffing at all times means your employees will be happier and therefore more productive. More productivity, of course, means your company will see the benefits through profits. 

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