3 Common Mistakes That Hindered Your HR Hiring Process

In any industry, the key to a company’s success begins with the team they assemble through the hiring process. To get the best and most talented people you can, this process needs to be clear and finely tuned. This not only saves your company time, but it saves you money in the long run by making sure the right people are in the right places.

However, there are common mistakes that an HR department can make during the hiring process that can slow down the whole process and cause the company to lose valuable talent.

Here are the top 3 common mistakes you can make in HR that hinder your hiring process:

Mistake #1: Not Being Clear in the Job Description

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever. In order to get the best candidate, a lot of HR departments will move fast to have an edge on the competition. That means you need to be ready to go when it comes to posting job openings and descriptions on your company’s website or job boards. 

However, not taking the time to be crystal clear about the role of the position you’re hiring for and the responsibilities your candidate will have will make hiring the right person all the more difficult. A lack of clarity on this basic level will cause frustration for the hiring team as they can’t seem to find the candidate they are looking for. It can also cause frustration for the candidate who isn’t entirely sure what skills and dispositions you may be looking for in an employee or whether or not they qualify for the position. 

To avoid this mistake, take your time to build a job description that is clear on its role, responsibilities, and how it fits within the rest of the company. This will help HR be more effective as they prescreen for the right candidate with the right qualifications.

Mistake #2: Not Digging Deep

The first you know of any job candidate is usually just what they have on paper. But if you are only looking at a candidate’s resume and application, you are really only skimming the surface of what that person may be able to offer your company. 

Some candidates are adept at looking good on paper with impressive references or additional certifications in their field. Their resumes could be so finely honed that they look like a catch to the HR professional. However, some skills and aptitudes run below the surface of their resume. For example, they may lack the soft skills needed to work with a team or your customers.

Conversely, some candidates may not have the most impressive resume. Perhaps they haven’t had opportunities for additional certifications, or they are too early into their career to have built a solid resume. However, they may have the talent and skills to bring a lot of energy and innovation to the role they will be filling.

Don’t just look at the resume and application. Take advantage of the interview process to look beyond the surface of the candidate you’re interested in. Ask them unconventional questions to see what makes them “tick,” and have them respond to real-life scenarios to see how they can cope under pressure. 

Mistake #3: Not Involving the Team in the Process

The ultimate decision of who you hire may belong to you, but your voice should not be the only one giving input on the matter. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to asking for feedback from the teams you manage about the ideal candidate that would work well within their dynamic. Seeking input from others can help you identify some skills or dispositions in a potential employee that you may not have considered.

While the decision is yours, the new hire will most likely be working closest with their team and not with you. Therefore, their input is valuable in deciding if the candidate will be able to be a productive member of an already existing team. 

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