5 Tips On How to Reach Out to a Recruiter and Get the Job

If you’re spending significant time unsuccessfully searching for jobs, sending resumes, and working your professional networks, you’re probably frustrated by the lack of responses you’ve received. Even when you’re highly qualified and experienced, making your resume stand out can be challenging.

The good news is that partnering with a skilled recruiter can save you a lot of frustration, significantly increase your chances of getting an interview, and help you stand out in a highly competitive market.

A recruiter deeply embedded in your field will help your resume rise to the top of the pile and open doors you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Trusted recruiters typically receive priority attention from employers who know they represent quality candidates. But just like high-demand employers, the best recruiters constantly receive cold pitches from job seekers, and it can be challenging to get their attention. 

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled this list of five simple yet highly effective things to make a great first impression that warrants a response!

#1 Do Your Homework and Know Whom the Recruiter Works For

Whom the recruiter works for will shape your initial pitch. If you’re contacting a recruiter who works in-house for a single company, voicing your desire to work for that company is helpful. However, if the recruiter focuses on finding great candidates for a specific industry, you’ll want to make sure your initial pitch doesn’t eliminate you.

If you’re highly experienced and looking for a C-level position, finding an executive recruiter who focuses solely on filling high-level positions may be your best option. They are more likely to be aware of C-level positions that align with your experience and know how to present you in the best light to the employer. 

#2 Optimize Your Online Presence, Resume, and References 

Recruiters will be most responsive to candidates who are invested in the job search and are ready to make a great impression on the hiring company. Before reaching out to recruiters, ensure your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, and publicly accessible information give the impression that you will be a great hire. If you don’t want a potential employer to see something, it shouldn’t be online, even if you think it’s only visible to friends. You never know who decision-makers are connected to.

Also, update your resume, cover letter, references, and portfolio (if applicable). When a recruiter responds to your query, you don’t want to keep them waiting while you sort out your resume and track down references. Update your documents now, collect your professional references, and have everything saved in the cloud where you can quickly grab it. Use a nice, clean filename that doesn’t give the impression you have 30 versions saved on your computer (even though we all do!)

#3 Keep It Tight-Be Aware of Time Constraints and Streamline Your Communication.

You may be the best candidate for an opening, but if you don’t honor the recruiter’s time and concisely communicate what you want to say, you may not get a chance to interview. It’s essential to balance making a good connection and sending a massive block of text they won’t read.

In your initial pitch, introduce yourself, state which position you’re interested in, list a few key skills, and wrap up with a simple call to action that encourages them to respond. Avoid passive language or overly wordy phrases. This initial message isn’t the place for hyperbole-Keeping it short and sweet will help the recruiter see how efficient you are!

Remember to include a call to action at the end of your message. Invite the recruiter to a conversation where you can discuss a possible collaboration or openings in your industry. A confident and inviting close to your message will communicate that you are ready to take the next step.

#4 Focus on What They Need, Not What You Want Them to Do for You.

A recruiter’s number one goal is to fill openings with highly qualified candidates. Approaching them with a neverending list of what you want from them hints that collaboration with you may not be equitable. Instead, draw a clear line between your skills and what the company (or industry) needs to make it easier for them to see what a great fit you are. 

Your initial contact isn’t the place to list your entire work career or top thirty skills. You’re not serving them a seven-course meal. Instead, clearly communicate one or two reasons you’ll be an excellent fit for the roles they seek to fill. If you’re interested in a specific job, pull a few key phrases from the job posting and work that into your pitch, cover letter, and resume. If you want to work for a specific company, familiarize yourself with its mission and any core beliefs on its website. 

#5 Balance Professionalism and Personal Touch

Remember, recruiters receive massive amounts of emails and messages from employers and candidates. You want to stand out for good reasons, not be the “what not to do” example at their next workshop. Get right to the point and let the recruiter know you’re a confident professional rather than trying to coax them into a long, drawn-out social conversation that you’ll eventually shift to business. 

If your first outreach feels like an old school friend trying to push their multi-level marketing company, it’s unlikely they’ll take you seriously or take the time to respond. Even if you’re reaching out on social media, use professional language and skip the emojis. 

By applying these five strategies when you reach out to top recruiters, you’ll make a great first impression and show that you’re their ideal candidate!

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