Best Cities in Colorado for Tech Jobs in 2022

The tech industry is booming across the United States, but some cities have a bigger impact than others.

From Austin to Boston and coast to coast, cities like Charlotte, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Francisco, California; and Seattle, Washington make big splashes in the tech world.

Colorado is home to several popular cities for technology companies to set up shop. The state is the new kid on the block and has managed to join the top names on the national radar when it comes to technology.

If you’re considering moving to Colorado or any other state for a job in tech, you should prioritize cities you’d like to work in for a while. To help you with your search, CompTIA is keeping tabs on which cities are becoming tech hubs by releasing their annual “Top 20 Tech Towns” report. This study looks at key indicators such as job growth, wage growth, and talent supply that make a city more attractive for people looking for jobs in technology.

Here’s a sneak peek at the best Colorado cities for tech jobs in 2022:

#1. Denver 

Denver is a hub for startups, with more entrepreneurs per capita than any other city on the list. This makes sense — the Mile High City is home to an active startup community with a well-rounded ecosystem that can help businesses succeed. The city’s tech sector is expanding rapidly, which means access to potential customers and talented employees is easier than ever before.

Denver came in at number 10 on a list of top cities for IT jobs as ranked by the CompTIA report. The metro area’s job growth rate increased by 3% in  2021, and research also predicts an incredible 12% growth rate over the next 5 years.

Tech companies are on the receiving end of several tax credits, grants, financing options, and other incentives through the Office of Economic Development and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The cost of living is 14% above the national average, but not as out of reach as in other tech hubs such as Silicon Valley or New York City.

Although Denver sits near mountains, its mild weather and abundance of sunny days attract many to escape the cold. The city has become popular with extreme sports enthusiasts and those looking for an active lifestyle.

#2. Boulder

Boulder is the second-largest tech city in Colorado, with the highest tech jobs and very high projected job growth. According to research, technology jobs will grow by 10% over the next five years. 

Major tech players in Boulder include Google and Twitter, who have invested billions in the city’s economy. Boulder is also home to Techstars, a startup incubator that accepts dozens of companies per year worldwide and helps them create the next big thing. A healthy venture capital community makes it possible for entrepreneurs to find funding when they need it most. Also, a flourishing tech job market and well-balanced lifestyle options make Boulder the location for many people in Colorado.

Also, Boulder’s flexible rebate program has brought in various businesses, from small to large. To entice companies to invest in their city, the program rebates various taxes and fees for businesses that get more than half of their revenue from outside their county. They want to attract established businesses and startups, like microloan programs that offer small loans up to $50,000 to help growing businesses grow while they’re still in their infancy.

A 17% cost of living discrepancy exists between Boulder, Colorado, and the U.S. average, but it’s not enough to deter locals or those who have relocated to this great city. While not especially dangerous, Boulder is in the top 10% of cities with the highest crime rates. University of Colorado students make up much of Boulder’s population while school is in session.

When you aren’t at the office, there is plenty to do in Boulder. With a large number of child-friendly activities, as well as lively nightlife, restaurants, and parks, working and living in Boulder are both enjoyable. The city also has excellent public transportation and infrastructure that makes it easy to get around town.

#3. Colorado Springs

With an infrastructure attracting companies like SaaS startup Quantum Metric, Colorado Springs has proven to be a lucrative city for tech businesses. According to Tech Town’s 2020 report, Colorado will experience a growth rate of 6% in the next five years. As a result, the Springs has advertised more than 16,000 IT jobs in the past year alone.

Colorado Springs is an affordable and well-educated city, with the cultural attractions of a big city. The area attracts residents with diverse backgrounds and interests, fostering a unique community. Colorado Springs’ proximity to breathtaking outdoor activities makes it an ideal place to live and work. As a hub for the technology, energy, and aerospace industries, there are many opportunities for career growth.

Colorado Springs boasts some of the cleanest air in the country, with a cost of living that’s only 7%  above the national average. Additionally, the  Colorado Springs metro area is one of the most affordable tech hubs in Colorado, allowing big-name firms and startups alike to rent office space for less.

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