Building an Effective Staffing Model for Your Business

Every business wants to achieve its goals by using resources wisely. If your business’s current practices are really analyzed, though, you may find that there’s room for improvement on that front.

The good news is that your goal of using resources better is just one strategic plan away from coming to fruition!

The first step to ensuring you are effectively utilizing your current workforce and attracting the best talent to fill vacancies is by developing a staffing model that works best for your business. Having a plan in place is essential to reaching your company’s goals and retaining your best staff every time. Let us tell you how to start building your plan.

What Is a Staffing Model?

First, a little background. What exactly is a staffing model?

Staffing models are predictive tools to help HR departments identify your company’s needs and build a plan to help you meet them. They usually consist of data points in the form of reports, charts, graphs, and anything else used to measure and determine everything associated with the way your team operates including work activity and labor needs. 

With this information, your company will be ready to assess the current state of your workforce, identify where you want them to go, and create steps to get them there. Without this data, it can be like shooting in the dark. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Staffing Model.

All companies are delicate ecosystems where planning is essential. That said, not all models are going to look the same because each company has its own set of unique needs. 

So while we can’t create one for you, here are our best tips for creating a successful staffing model that will optimize your workforce and help your company reach its goals. 

1. Determine Your Company’s Goals

Without clearly defined goals, your company could flounder for years and never reach the level of success you dream of. To begin the process, you need to look at your current goals and the steps you’re taking to reach them. 

Look at these goals and determine the following:

  • What are the most important goals we need to focus on?
  • In what ways does our company need to reorganize to make them more attainable?
  • What staffing changes can HR implement that will help this reorganization process?

The answers to these questions will be the bedrock on which you build your staffing


2. Identify Possible Obstacles to Building the Best Staff

Your company is not immune to roadblocks that may be standing in the way of having the perfect staff to reach your goals. Some factors that will affect your workforce include a tight labor market, competitors’ actions, changing labor laws, and more. Look at these obstacles along the way. It will help you identify ways creating your perfect workforce may be challenged. After all, if you can predict it, you can plan for it. 

3. Analyze Your Company’s Current Reality

Knowing your starting point is essential to designing the roadmap to get to your goals. 

Analyze all available data points to see the health of your organization and your workforce. 

4. Visualize Where You Want Your Company to Go

You know where you’ve been, and you know where you want to go. Now, what is it going to take to get you there? This is the brainstorming step where you will try to determine the steps to get your company to its goal given your current reality. 

5. Look for Organizational Gaps

You’ve created a kind of needs assessment, so now it’s time to see what is missing from your organizational structure that needs to be created or implemented. This could be anything from a specific type of employee to a system of organization that hasn’t been thought of yet. Determine ways you can close these gaps to successfully implement your staffing model. Develop solutions and organize your workforce in a way that will get the job done. 

6. Create Your Plan

Everything comes together in this plan from what restructuring needs to be done to what type of employee to hire on the team. In this plan, you will determine what to do to recruit the ideal workforce and how you will hire the right people for the right positions. You will then create a plan for how to retain these employees once you have them where you want them. 

Make sure you have the right resources to make your plan a reality. At Epic Placements, we offer smart staffing solutions out of a pool of thousands of candidates looking to be part of your staffing model. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your plan off and running toward achieving your goals. Are you looking to be part of a great company and help them achieve its vision? Apply with Epic Placements today to be part of the candidate pool.