How to Work with a Remote Payroll Manager

An effective payroll manager is a crucial member of any company’s team. Working with a remote payroll manager has some specific challenges. But if you provide them with proper support and tools and identify the skills you want them to have, you can ensure an effective working relationship. 

As hiring experts, Epic Placements can help! Read on to learn how to hire and work with a remote payroll manager.  

What Does a Payroll Manager Do? 

Payroll managers oversee and direct payroll procedures within an organization. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Developing systems to process payroll transactions – That may include manual or automated processes using specialized software. 
  • Coordinating timekeeping systems – If your entire team is remote, your payroll manager will create policies such as how workers track and report their work hours. 
  • Overseeing payroll changes – Your payroll manager may need to make modifications if there are new hires, terminations, salary increases, or system upgrades. 
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and policies – Staying compliant protects against costly fines, legal fees, or lawsuits. Payroll managers establish safeguards that help your company minimize risk and errors. 
  • Supervising and coaching payroll staff – The payroll manager oversees a team of payroll clerks who handle wages and benefits. 
  • Working with auditors to maintain accurate records – Even the most meticulous company can make mistakes in the payroll process. Regular audits ensure the integrity of your records and ensure your company identifies inaccuracies and discrepancies before they cause major headaches.

What Skills Should a Payroll Manager Have? 

A payroll manager needs specific skills to excel at their job, whether in person or remotely. 

Because payroll managers ensure records are accurate, they must have superb attention to detail. Likewise, they must have good math skills to handle complicated calculations smoothly. Errors can result in far-reaching consequences such as incorrect tax withholding or overpayment.  

They also need strong time management and organizational skills and know how to prioritize to ensure your company meets its payroll deadlines. Paying employees late tells them that you don’t value their work. It can also leave them in a financial bind. Time management skills are crucial when working with a remote team in multiple time zones to ensure your company pays taxes and contributions on time and in every location.

Payroll managers must stay on top of current local, state, and federal laws and legal requirements. They determine how you pay your employees and how you collect taxes and submit them to the government. 

Lastly, payroll managers must have strong communication skills because they update employees on changes that may affect their pay or benefits. Failure to provide this information smoothly and promptly hurts your company’s credibility and frustrates employees.   

How to Work with a Remote Payroll Manager 

Working with a remote payroll manager is straightforward if you provide them with the necessary tools and resources to do their job effectively. 

First and foremost, give them the appropriate technology. That includes a centralized communication channel to address issues or complications. An online payroll management system allows employees to access their pay information anywhere, make changes, and collaborate in real time.

Schedule regular check-ins with your payroll manager so they can tell you about any concerns, ask questions, or give you project updates. Like any remote team member, they need the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one. 

Cross-train other team members for tasks such as payroll authorization so your payroll manager doesn’t get overwhelmed or burn out. Lastly, be prepared to handle any technical problems, regardless of the time zone, or identify someone else who can do so. 

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