What Are The Top 10 Qualities of a Good Employee in 2023?

Being a “good employee” can sometimes feel like a moving target. It can be highly subjective depending on a variety of factors like management styles and roles in the company, but it also changes with the times. 

Some qualities will be timeless and always be something a person needs to be a good part of a team. Some qualities may change with the times, forcing you to keep ahead of the curve and be adaptable.

So what are those essential qualities that “good” employees have? If you’re looking to make sure you have the right stuff, see our top 10 qualities that make an employee an essential part of just about any team. 

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Employee

  1. Be a Team Player

Jobs where you are entirely independent and self-sufficient are very rare. Potential employers want to know that you have skills and attributes that will make you a good part of a team, such as a spirit of collaboration, flexibility, and approachability. In an interview, be prepared to discuss when you worked collaboratively with a team to achieve a common goal.

2. Be Adaptable

Change is inevitable, especially in a company. Whether the change is with policy or practice, it’s essential to be someone who can quickly problem-solve and welcome change. When you’re adaptable, you can face anything that heads your way with confidence while not losing productivity. 

3. Work Well Under Pressure

Some jobs are certainly more stressful than others, but there is usually some level of stress no matter the position. Employers want someone who will rise to the occasion when one of those stressful situations appears instead of someone who will just explode or shut down. Practice the art of taking a deep breath, keeping your cool, and tackling the challenges one bit at a time.

4. Be Reliable

A common complaint from managers and team members alike is when someone drops the ball on an assignment or responsibility. Being reliable can mean many things, from being punctual to finishing work on or before a deadline. Be someone that your teammates can trust to do the job and do the job well.

5. Show Ambition

Some people may think that “ambition” has a negative connotation, with images of clawing your way to the top. But ambition inspires people to be top performers, to innovate, and to dedicate themselves to a job well done. Don’t get too comfortable where you are, but aspire to something higher.

6. Be Open to Learning

Chances are your job will evolve the longer you are there. In some cases, you may find the skills you walked in with aren’t the skills you need several years later. Be open to new ideas and learning new technologies and practices, and keep up on industry trends that may affect your position or your company as a whole.

7. Have Good Communication Skills

Being able to communicate clearly and concisely with various people is one of the most important skills you can have as an employee. Communication skills could encompass many things depending on the nature of your position. They could include skills in oral communication, listening, writing, presenting, and providing constructive feedback.

8. Be Confident

If you’re naturally a shy and reserved person, this may be a quality you need to improve upon. Being confident in the workplace includes asking questions, offering ideas and feedback, and communicating clearly with everyone. Confident employees often become people you want on your team: motivators and role models.

9. Be Tech-Savvy

    You can’t have a job nowadays without being at least somewhat tech-savvy. Technology is ever-changing. Being an employee who can keep up with these changes will make you vital to the company’s success.

    10. Get Engaged

    A final quality of a good employee that will help you get the job and keep the job is becoming engaged in your work. Approach your work as something you are passionate about, not something you can’t wait to finish so you can go home. Attend company events, and be part of the team in the office and out of the office as well.

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