What is an Executive Recruiter and How Epic Placements Can Help?

Identifying a qualified candidate to fill an executive-level position can be very challenging. Executives are often passive job seekers. People with these skill levels are in high demand!  That’s where executive recruiters come in. 

What Is an Executive Recruiter? 

Executive recruiters help identify candidates for executive-level positions with a seamless process that helps you hire the right people to lead your company. 

Here are some of the tasks that executive recruiters can perform for you: 

Define Skillsets

Executive search firms typically begin by meeting with relevant stakeholders, such as board members, and other executive team members, to discuss their requirements for the role. This enables them to understand what the company is looking for and its corporate culture. 

From there, they draft a description of the position including responsibilities, objectives, and personal qualities they want from an ideal candidate. 

Reach Out to Networks

Effective executive recruiters use their extensive networks including industry contacts, personal connections, job boards, and job advertisements to find a qualified candidate pool.

Review Resumes 

When reviewing resumes, executive recruiters evaluate how potential candidates sell their personal brand, including how they achieve results, what motivates them, and how they can help your organization meet its objectives and grow.

Contact Candidates 

Contacting candidates to set up interviews can be a time-consuming process. Executive recruiters take that task off your hands by reaching out to potential hires via channels such as LinkedIn and direct resumes.


Your time is valuable. That’s why it’s beneficial to have an executive recruiter prescreen candidates. They conduct phone interviews to weed out unqualified candidates and decide whether it’s worth advancing others to an interview.

Conduct Interviews

During an in-depth interview, the recruiter thoroughly discusses the candidate’s background and career history, looking for someone with deep industry knowledge who can articulate how they have achieved results. They then evaluate the candidate against the defined skillsets. 

Check References 

Executive recruiters typically ask candidates for references from various levels who can speak to different aspects of their ability and experience. They usually conduct reference checks via phone interviews.  Following the reference check, the recruiter will compare the input with other sources of interviews such as resumes and social media profiles. They are skilled at evaluating the data, noting discrepancies, and then using the feedback to make a recommendation to the employers. 

Negotiate Compensation 

Executive search firms have done extensive market research including salary surveys and benchmarking reports to help you offer a compensation package that will ensure your ideal candidate accepts a job with your company. 

Issue an Offer 

Lastly, the executive recruiter issues a written offer letter to your chosen candidate!

At Epic Placements, we understand that it takes a long time to fill executive-level positions. We serve as the first line of communication, vetting candidates beforehand so you evaluate only the most qualified, and mine “passive” talent by reaching out to those who aren’t actively seeking new positions. When it’s time to issue an offer, we research the competition so you can offer a competitive compensation package. Lastly, once you’ve found the ideal person for the job, we assist with onboarding!Contact Epic Placements to learn more about our personalized executive recruiting process and how we can help you find the right job or fill your company’s C-level position.