What Is Full Cycle Recruiting & How Does It Work?

It’s a natural human tendency to cut corners where they can be cut. In a world where time is money, anything that can save time is seen as a benefit, especially in a company with a tight budget. 

But when it comes to recruiting, cutting corners is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a hiring team. That’s why partnering with a full cycle recruiting team is one of the smartest things you can do to save time and money without cutting corners.

What Is Full Cycle Recruiting?

Full cycle recruiting refers to a single recruiter executing the holistic recruiting process from start to finish. This cycle begins with a vacancy in a company and ends when the new employee starts working in that position. 

Depending on the company’s size, full cycle recruiting is executed by either a single person or an entire hiring team in HR. No matter the size of the hiring team, a full cycle recruiting team has a laser focus on getting the right candidate recruited, hired, and onboarded.

How Does Full Cycle Recruiting Work?

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position is no easy task. That’s why having a team solely responsible for this very thing can help make the process worth the wait.

To find a candidate well-suited for the role and for your company as a whole, it’s important to carefully work through each of the 6 steps in the full cycle recruitment process.

  1. Planning

This crucial step is where you as a company determine exactly what you are looking for in a candidate to fill a specific role. This includes skill sets, work experiences, and soft skills they should have to be successful. When this is determined, a detailed job description is written to give candidates an overview of the role, the company itself, and what qualifications or experiences they should have to apply. 

  1. Recruiting

In this step, the recruiter finds the talent who qualifies for the available position. This involves seeking out candidates, networking, and encouraging internal talent to apply.

  1. Screening

Depending on the position and the company, you might have hundreds of applicants for a vacant position that you must now weed through to find the perfect person. During the screening process, the recruiter will likely begin by looking for keywords and phrases in resumes that match the minimum requirements outlined in the job description. After, the recruiter will likely look through cover letters or work samples to determine who will move on to the next step. 

  1. Interviewing

Those who make it through the screening process will then be invited to interview for the position they seek. This process allows the recruiter to ask more in-depth questions about their background and experience as well as assess their ability to problem solve. This part of the process may also include some kind of performance task to see how the candidate displays their knowledge and skills. 

  1. Hiring

Once you have attracted, vetted, and interviewed your top candidates, now you can make an official job offer to the one who seems like the best overall fit for the open position. This process may also include negotiations on both sides when it comes to salaries and benefits being offered with the position. 

  1. Onboarding

Once the ink is dry on the contract, there is one more step in this process: onboarding the candidate to their role and to the company they have joined. Onboarding is often an area that can help greatly with employee satisfaction. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that all of your efforts to find the perfect fit for your company will only benefit you and your team.

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