Why Using a Staffing Agency Will Provide a Better Candidate

Let’s face it: HR is a busy place to work. And when you’re looking to find the best candidates for a job opening, the quest can make HR even busier.

If you have seen this in your own company, it might be time to consider using a staffing agency to help you from the beginning to the end of your hiring process.

A staffing agency can help your company hire anyone, whether you’re looking for full-time help, part-time, or temporary. An agency has access to hundreds of applicants looking for a job that fits their needs and wants. Because of the large pool of applicants, staffing agencies often have an advantage over HR departments when it comes to finding quality candidates.

The Staffing Agency Process

Working with a staffing agency follows a specific process to take your open position and fill it with the right person. The process usually looks like this:

  1. Employer contacts the agency with information about what type of position they are looking to fill and what qualities the right person would have.
  2. The agency creates a job description to advertise the opening and to reach out to interested applicants.
  3. The agency then reviews the qualifications of any applicant before scheduling an interview.
  4. Final hiring decisions are made by the employer or hiring manager from the vetted candidates that have been recommended by the agency.

While it seems pretty easy to follow these steps, it’s actually extremely time-consuming and expensive for companies to go it alone. How long and how much? According to Glassdoor, it can take as much as $4,000 and 24 days to recruit and hire someone. If your company has more specialized openings, that time will most likely be longer. 

Why Staffing Agencies Provide Better Candidates

Other than the ease and convenience of working with a staffing agency, a huge benefit of doing so is that they often provide better candidates than an HR department can recruit and process.

Some of the benefits of the agency method include:

Wider Pool of Candidates

A lot of candidates looking for their next career apply through a staffing agency because of the access they would have to a larger range of companies with opportunities available. It reduces the amount of time it would take if they were to find each company’s individual openings and apply for a position.

It works the other way around, too. Using an agency gives companies a larger pool of candidates than they could attract on their own. A larger pool means a better chance of finding just the right fit for your position.

Experience with Specialized Hiring

Not all companies have experience with trying to fill a niche job opening. Staffing agencies have a wide variety of experience in hiring for all kinds of openings, so finding specialized workers is not as difficult. They will know exactly what kind of candidate you’re looking for and what qualifications to make sure you get the perfect specialized fit.

Industry Knowledge

Staffing agencies have employees who know your industry inside and out and know what to look for when it comes to sifting through resumes and applications. This industry knowledge translates into finding someone you’re looking for faster. 

Faster Hiring

Good talent doesn’t stay jobless for long. Staffing agencies expedite the recruitment and hiring process to ensure that you snap up who you’re looking for before your competition does. 

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